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    Thread: Cosplays all over GalaCon
Post: RE: Cosplays all over GalaCon

Let's resurrect this thread. This year is gonna be my first time cosplaying (at the age of 38) so I thought I share a picture of one of the elements under construction. A pony kiltpin. [img][Image: ...
SlideRule GalaCon Talk 131 475,144 21.06.2014, 13:50
    Thread: From Stuttgart to Ludwigsburg
Post: From Stuttgart to Ludwigsburg

Found this in the Galacon twitter stream a few day's ago when someone asked for the best way to travel from Stuttgart to Ludwigsburg "The S4/5 from Stuttgart Main Station to Ludwigsburg - Use the 3-...
SlideRule Questions & Answers 3 14,332 01.08.2013, 22:55
    Thread: [Info] Train tickets pre-booking now possible
Post: RE: [Info] Train tickets pre-booking now possible

Just got my ticket amsterdam-stutgart, hopefully this time the train leaves on time in amsterdam so i don't miss any connections and have to reschedule my journey in kohl (like last year) adding about...
SlideRule Ride/Room Sharing 15 56,096 06.05.2013, 08:13
    Thread: Mlp dub in your country
Post: RE: Mlp dub in your country

The weirdest thing about the Dutch dub is that half the characters speak Dutch with a Dutch accent and the others with a Belgium accent.
SlideRule Cultural Exchange 46 195,887 28.02.2013, 09:50