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    Thread: [2017] The PlushieCon at GalaCon 2017.
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(Ignoring the drama:) No matter if the PlushieCon overestimates its importance, it still sould be respected that handling over 500 plushies is a delicate task as (at least custom) plushies are still s...
Leon Announcements 32 57,044 15.08.2017, 15:56
    Thread: [2017] GalaCon Hype Thread
Post: RE: [2017] GalaCon Hype Thread

(03.05.2017, 06:02)Humanarian Wrote: Is this really all there is to this board? It's less than 3 months left 'till the GalaCon and noone... NOONE is hyping! I simply do not understand... :facehoof: ...
Leon GalaCon Talk 55 109,124 04.05.2017, 03:47
    Thread: [2017] GalaCon Volunteer Applications
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Btw: Do applicants get a notification mail that the application has been received like 2015/2016?
Leon Announcements 47 81,658 28.02.2017, 21:52
    Thread: [2016] GalaCon 2016 Volunteer Applications
Post: RE: GalaCon 2016 Volunteer Applications

(03.08.2016, 10:56)rainbowderpy Wrote: when can we finally sign up for volunteering for galacon 2017? :PI think you have to wait at least for about 5 months.
Leon Announcements 57 110,209 15.08.2016, 01:52
    Thread: [2016] We are in need of a shower.
Post: RE: [2016] We are in need of a shower.

(20.06.2016, 07:33)steeph Wrote: We decided to make this a camping trip. That's all. (20.06.2016, 08:47)MudgeO Wrote: I hope you don't plan wild camping, cause that might give you a free shower in ...
Leon Questions & Answers 15 44,045 20.06.2016, 17:07
    Thread: GalaCon 2012 Photos
Post: RE: GalaCon 2012 Photos

For photos of Brony Meetups in Germany, I always recommend the Meetup Galley as first source. Here ist the album for GalaCon 2012: Cor...
Leon GalaCon Talk 5 16,616 17.06.2016, 17:53
    Thread: Gala Evening Dress Code
Post: RE: Gala Evening Dress Code

Yes. 2013, the Gala and disco were separate events, but they were "combined" in terms of a single evening program timeline instead of two separate events at the same time causing the visitors to "spli...
Leon Questions & Answers 12 30,986 21.04.2016, 22:39
    Thread: Gala Evening Dress Code
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I think, both problems "empty dancefloor" and "too strict dress code" exist, but they are less related than you think. First the dress code: Every year, there is always a more or less big discussion ...
Leon Questions & Answers 12 30,986 21.04.2016, 19:36
    Thread: Galacon 2015 - Photos and Videos
Post: RE: Galacon 2015 - Photos and Videos

I totally forgot to post here a link to my gallery with more than 400 photos which are online since September in the German Meetup Gallery. At the same place there are currently in total more than 220...
Leon GalaCon Talk 15 41,655 17.09.2015, 20:59
    Thread: Gala Dresscode
Post: RE: Gala Dresscode

The Gala event is inspired by fancy "traditional" gala evenings. Without any dresscode, it would be impossible to create some kind of "gala atmosphere". Don't worry. the dresscode is not that strict, ...
Leon GalaCon Talk 8 22,680 30.07.2015, 17:56
    Thread: The PlushieCon: the big GalaCon-Plushie-Meetup 2015!
Post: RE: GalaCon-Plushie-Meetup 2015: Announcing + Volu...

Nice idea. I hope there will also be enough space for specators etc. to see the whole plushie glory. (The location on WWU 2015 was "a little" narrow.)
Leon Announcements 24 74,414 28.06.2015, 00:55
    Thread: [2015] What are you looking forward too/ What are you planing on doing?
Post: RE: What are you looking forward too/ What are you...

Btw: On, there is an extra thread (in german) by Crash Override about the official unofficial GalaCon '15 camping meetup: [Link]
Leon GalaCon Talk 27 86,727 29.03.2015, 15:45
    Thread: GalaCon '14 Photos/Videos
Post: RE: GalaCon '14 Photos/Videos

Since I've been asked multiple times and the german meetup gallery server is running again: Here are "a few more images" I made: [Link] Have fun.
Leon GalaCon Talk 15 51,216 26.09.2014, 14:41
    Thread: Feedback (2014)
Post: Feedback (2014)

Since I couldn't find a feedback thread for this year's GalaCon, I just created this one to throw in my pretty long constructive feedback. Here we go: So GalaCon 2014 is now about 6 weeks ago and f...
Leon GalaCon Talk 0 6,857 15.09.2014, 20:03
    Thread: GalaCon 2014?
Post: RE: GalaCon 2014?

(22.07.2014, 22:00)Celestiafan Wrote: I wonder can somepony make THAT banner to know who :DDo you mean a "Welcome Princess Celest" or a "Welcome Nicole Oliv" banner? :wink:
Leon GalaCon Talk 18 63,586 23.07.2014, 00:51
    Thread: Preparation Guide for the Gala evening event
Post: RE: Preparation Guide for the Gala evening event

(22.07.2014, 16:53)Weatherhoof Wrote: Music by bigger artists like Cicero would skyrocket the GEMA fee.Maybe CalaCon has a different agreement or the gala evening is only partially covered, but norm...
Leon GalaCon Talk 57 194,453 22.07.2014, 20:30
    Thread: [2014] Volunteer Sign-Ups are Open!
Post: RE: Volunteer Sign-Ups are Open!

Just have a look at the right column on the GalaCon website. There is a nice countdown timer. Can't resist posting that:[Video:]
Leon Announcements 79 258,422 23.05.2014, 01:14
    Thread: Frequently Asked Questions
Post: RE: Frequently Asked Questions

The Plus and Bizaam ticket features include a "fast-lane entry". Do you have already some information whether there will be also an early Friday check-in this year?
Leon Questions & Answers 32 103,252 11.02.2014, 18:10
    Thread: [Answered] Art gallery/auction: Exclusivity with digital art
Post: RE: Art gallery/auction: Exclusivity with digital ...

(08.01.2014, 10:36)RealZero Wrote: if I understand the text correctly, how is exclusivity handled?Which text are you refering to? Looking at the art auction and gallery submission guidelines on the ...
Leon Questions & Answers 3 12,476 08.01.2014, 17:10
    Thread: Convention photos
Post: RE: Convention photos

Finally, here are a few photos I shot with my Lomography Supersampler:
Leon GalaCon Talk 30 94,983 08.09.2013, 19:04