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[2019] Boutique-Hotel Kronenstuben - Jananas - 21.07.2019

Is anyone staying at BHK and walking to and from the venue and would like to walk with me? Never been to Ludwigsburg and feeling a little bit anxious about walking alone in the evening/at night, especially on Saturday Applebloom spin

RE: [2019] Boutique-Hotel Kronenstuben - 404compliant - 21.07.2019

Given the male:female ratio there will be enough gentlemen around, right guys? Its close to towers pub too!

Don't worry too much, this is the center of Ludwigsburg, and not a problematic area.

RE: [2019] Boutique-Hotel Kronenstuben - Rasmus - 21.07.2019

Hello Jananas

This will be my 5th Galacon, and I haven't heard about anything bad happening to the convention goers at night.

I'm not staying at BHK, but I don't mind walking a bit further if that'll make you feel safe.