Introduce yourself
(13.04.2013, 14:43)NorthernCross Wrote: Few of you might have met me at the very first Galacon in my Derpy Hooves cosplay.

I so remember you Happy The cosplay was hilarious. Looking forward to see you this year again Happy
Try to say "bubbles" in a really angry intonation.
Yeah, finally made it to introduce my humble self. So there is actually not much to say, I was born in Ingolstadt, Germany, grew up there and I still live there. I've lived my ordinary life so far, holding hands with a male friend and sing "Love is in the air" in the mal to confuse people, wander around in a morphsuit and I do very inconvenient things which seem pointless just for a little joke. ;) I'll be a volunteer at the upcoming GalaCon and I'm realy looking forward for it^^. I discovered the show 2 years ago by a friend and my first thought was "it's so colorful", the second was "I love it". MLP got me instantly. I realy love the animation and the characters are very convincing. It's just a joy for my eyes. :)
Some of my interests are animation, music, anime, weird acting, movies and much more.
And for all volunteers, I'm curious to meet you guys^^
My internet alias usually goes by the name Yanoda, but you can call me Yan.
I lived in many different countries (like Spain, Morocco and US) and currently live in Germany (3 years thus far). I'm finishing my B.A. Sc. and work part time at a wave measurement/research company.

Concerning my role in the fandom:
I became a fan just before Season 2 started. My interest in the show came from an infamous Sandvich song, this sparked my curiosity... the rest is a given. I began making vector art end of 2011. Right now, like derpwave, I'm part of the MLP-VectorClub team on DeviantArt.
I'll be going to attend Galacon 2013 as a volunteer and I'm looking forward to it!


Hi everybody, I'm Dylan, Turn 18 in 12 days, From Alabama, USA hope to go to Galacon Next year, will probably volunteer. and I love My little Pony Happy
Want to know who best pony is?
1: Everypony 2: Everypony 3: Everypony 4: Everypony 5: Everypony 6: Everypony
7: Electra (My OC) 8: Everypony 9: Everypony 10: Everypony 11: Dashin Stallion
12: Everypony 13: Everypony 14: Everypony 15: Everypony 16: Everypony
17: Everypony 18: Everypony 19: Everypony 20: Everypony
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RD wink
Hi everybrony! I'm Joni, a Finnish My Little Pony fan, who hopes to be able to participate Crystal Fair next year. I'm been a MLP fan about a year and a half now, though I had some experiences with G1, when I was couple of decades younger (I'll be 31 at end of next month).

I have my own Finnish pony blog and I also have Finnish pony themed videoblog series.
My Finnish My Little Pony blog:
Hi, my name is Eva and I'm from Sweden. I'm as old as Granny Smith ;) I'm a mother to a brony. We bought the Bronies documentary when it came out, and my son said he wanted to go to BUCK, so we started planning the family holiday. Found this forum today, some of you might recognize me from UK of E.

I think MLP is a great show. Haven't seen them all yet. We have Season 1 & 2 on DVD and now I'm trying to catch up on Season 3 on YouTube before BUCK. See you there if you're going :)
Oh ponyfeathers. Bet I'd forget my mane if it wasn't attached to my head.
Hey, I'm Christian from Germany!

I've been a Brony, over 2 years now. I really enjoy the show and especially the community that has build itself around it.
I am not a really big Collector of the mechandise. Mainly because I prefer the figures that actually look like the characters.
I think I could say ponies have changed my life. At least to some degree. I have made many new friends and my way of looking at things has changed a lot. I'd like to thank everyone, Bronies and creators of the show for that.

So, yeah. I think that's it. As a german brony I don't have access to some of the cool merchandise I'd like to own. The only interesting thing we have here are the blind bags. Well, and they have announced some awesome plushies that are Germany exclusive (I think). I'm looking foreward to that.

I hope you have a great day. See ya! (Ohh and Applejack is best pony. But they are all great)
Hey my name is Nicholas, I'm 18 years old and I live in Swtizerland. Moved to Zürich two months ago (god, I hate the city life!).

I've been a brony for over a year now and won alot of great friends. As you can see in my username, I damn love Pink Floyd but I also listen to many other kinds of music. I've been to a HC-party once... Was actually darn awesome. In my free time I play the guitar, TF2 or minecraft. I'm doing an apprenticeship as a... "Physiklaborant", sorry couldn't find a translation for that word.

I became a brony, after there was a whole page about bronies in the newspaper.

I will be at Galacon and probably at the Crystal Fair, since my mothers from Finnland.
And yes, I will bring lots and lots of money again lol

See ya at Galacon and hope that it will be even more awesome than last year. Looking forward to meet you guys
Hi there, I just joined the forums. I got into MLP a year or so ago and I was using to shorten links. Today I spotted a crystal fair advertisement there and found my way to this site. I'd really love to meet more bronies IRL as I live in remote Ireland and there obviously aren't many here, there isn't even any merchandise. I'm very interested in the possibility of going to crystal fair because I have been to Finland once before in college and I found it to be a very beautiful and clean country.

I guess more about myself? I'm a 24 year old pegasister and I was born in the USA, lived in Ireland for 20 years. Most of my best friends from school went away to different corners of the country for their college, and after I flunked out, I found that there was no places I could get into to make friends. I've since become pretty much a NEET, living in my house and on the internet, trying to force myself to get outside but it's a strange concept to me, I just feel like everyone is watching me when I do.
Hello. My name is Markus and i'm from swizerland.
The only reason why i am here was the summer sun celebration callenge. I don't register me immediately, first watching a few months. But you will find me on the Galacon for sure.

I became a brony at march 2011. A topic in a Animé- and Mangaforum appeared and took the whole forum into a mania. First, is was sceptic. But not for long and i was part of it. The same happened with a Warhammer tabletopforum and i was in both. So far i was only dawing Ponies till December 2011. And then she came.

My little Hesperax (link to the Fanart)
This Fanart is not mine but the reason for reactivating a old hobby of mine: Sculpting tabletop miniatures. Now the everfree Ponies are marching on the tables of the iron Kingdoms and the number is still increasing.

About myself: I'm a 30 year old fan of Animé, Manga and now my little pony. And the username is over ten years old and the german name of a Pokemon. With a spelling mistake in it, so it's unique. But this was not on purpose.
Hello over there! I'm Zuzzil (same as on
Living in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, I was involved in the organization of the NRW Brony Camping 2013 and the regular Cologne Meetup "Kölner Stammtisch".
Also I work in cooperation to give the world a life-size functional Pinkie Pie (equine robot) - but it's a little bit to early to talk about that ;)

I can not wait to meet many of you at Galacon 2013 and hopefully at Crystal Fair 2014!

...not enough information, well:
I fell in love with the show in May 2012 and started to discover the fandom. My highest fascination is on the creativity of all the people, especially music, animation and fanfiction.
There is no best pony for me. I like AJ, because I'm a lil'bit like her. Than Rarity went up in my ranking, after Siora made so wonderful Plushies of her. After that Alicorn Twilight came to my life as a 3D-printed and hand painted gift from a friend. ...
In skype I am "zuzzil_tel_andrena" and preGalacon Day is my 28th birthday Fluttershy grin
Location: Germany / NRW - Project: Pony robot
Hello all, A US Brony here from the Boston Massachusetts area. I'm trying to go to Crystal Fair Con next July...
Hope to meet you all there!
Hello, fellow people! I am Jon the Bronynerd, and I am from Puerto Rico. Happy

My dream is to go to any Pony cons to meet up with many of you people, even though I'm quite short on cash, but despite this, I'll never give up hope in hoping to get my chance to go to any 'cons (such as BronyCon in the US, or GalaCon in Germany), and also pursue of becoming a skillful digital artist. Also, I wish to live in Frankfurt, Germany, in a few years or so from Puerto Rico, since not only does it contain the Frankfurt Auto Show (as I have a strong passion for vehicles), but also the GalaCon (even if its a bit further away from Frankfurt). I am also a highly-skilled gamer (mostly in racing games, hence why I have a strong passion for vehicles). Twilight happy

That's my introduction of myself. Twilight smile
Well, Introduction. Not really good at this...

my name is Verena, 25, from Germany. I love sewing (newest project will be a yugioh-koriboh). And this year will be my first GalaCon (as a volunteer, yay!). Don't know what else to say so - that's it Pinkie approved
Omnomnom... hey my friends.

Nice to meet you ~ all!
Some informations about my person...

Im Lima ~ (no not from Peru haha) from germany - at the moment 18 years old.
In my freetime; Im a host for a german speaking anime webradio (NSW-AnImE).
So... I travel to diffrent conventions for interviews, photos, having fun.
I work as a graphic designer (education for 3 years) ~
However; Im a huge anime/manga/japan fan but mostly I love everything about comics, TV-series (like MLP or Adventure time) ... Im a fan of MLP since... 2012/2013 maybe? I don't know exactly..
Why? Because of a special program of my radio - named >>My little Pony streaming is magic!<<
A dear friend of mine (and a workmate) was the host of this program... and she was amazing!
The music (mostly from Tombstone, SimGretina, AwkwardMarina and so on..) was awesome >///< I loved it!

Before that I thought always: "MLP? Oh no! Not this (I rememered the old generations...) creepy pony things."
But after the radio program, I watched the series.. and I was flashed!

Anyway, my first convention is the Galacon 2014 as a volunteer. *o* Im very proud of it!
Looking forward to meet many bronies.
Thank you for your attention.

Yeah.. I think this was my story..
Hi Everypony!

I'm usually more of a lurker and don't normally do the introduction thread thing, but, well, here I am~

This will be my first year attending GalaCon, and I'm super excited! I have done lots of big anime/scifi/gaming/etc cons in the past, but haven't been able to travel too much in recent years due to work. Going to GalaCon will kick off an extended holiday for me, and I'm looking forward to enjoying some excellent brony company and then having an adventure touring around multiple cities Happy

I'm totally obsessed with MLP and currently counting days until the projected new CCG expansion. I have an extreme love of small plastic toys, brightly-colored clouds, and anything that glitters. <3

Nice to meet you all!!
Well I guess it is a good thing to introduce myself, obviously, as you would have guess, I am moi aka Hastein. What can i say about myself ? Well first things first, I am a french person who loves baguette and some omelettes au fromage ! Who would have guest ? Anyway what can I say that could interest you ? I am a great fan of extreme metal such as Black and Doom (because it makes me smile smile smile) and other genre of music of course, such as Sweetie Belle or Pinkie Pie (they are great, you should listen to them you know) ! About my IRL job, I am an archivist working in a state prison for now... Oh and I'm still waiting for my force sword (get it ? Because in France it's an archivist and not a librarian... You know from WH40k ? *awkard silence* Okay nevermind that...).

On a more serious side, i've been a brony for almost 3 years and like a lot of people, I discovered the show on the internet as something that I thought would be completely stupid... And here I am still folowwing the show, reading fanfictions and tumblrs. I went to the first Galacon, then the Bronycon, the Bronydays where I helped to organise the RPG tables, and this year I'll go to BUCK and Galacon again. Oh and Bronydays also because now I am part of the staff as a full time job. So I'll be here to answer your questions regarding the convention and make some announcements about the con. I hope I'll see some of you at the cons and online.

A bientôt ! RD wink

PS : in case anyone couldn't tell I'm a huge changeling nerd... Fluttershy grin
BronyDays convention staff member.
Hello bronies! My name is Peter and I'm brony from Poland, who's also conventions organizators (we are organizing currently one big international convention in our country, that is in my signature and in few days I will advertise it on this forum).

I'm interested in IT, art and music - I play on the acoustic guitar (Fender Squier SA105) and I love many types of music :P My favourite genere is rapcore with such artist like Hollywood Undead or Deuce, but I'm also big fan of rock and metal music. I work as freelancer webmaster/programmer, I'm making websites for money, so if somebody will need a website, then he can write to me ^^

I haven't been on any conventions in other countries, but in Poland I attended in such events like "My Little Konwent 2 / Pony Con-Gress", "II Śląski Zorganizowany Ponymmet", "I Śląski Świąteczny Ponymeet" and now I am organizator of My Little Konwent 2014, which will be international convention at will take place in Bytom - city on the shout of Poland.
Heyo from dark, frozen north some call Finland - The Mordor of Scandinavia (which itself is the Mordor of Europe).

I decided to pop in and register after waking up to the revealation that the Crystal Fair's just around the corner. I do hope I can attend as the con venue is just a couple of kilometers away from where I live - I hope the slim possibility of having to go on a work related trip won't bust my plans Derpy eyes I frequent a couple other pony forums but with the action slowly dying and the user pool stagnating I'm looking for new pastures and I've yet to come to regret making new acquaintances. What goes on in my life? I work full time as a management consultant in the field of business analytics and corporate performance management and am trying to scrape my second master's thesis together. My free time is spent doing random sports, fishing (weather and season permitting), reading, arguing on the internet and playing games. I'm not a die-hard must-win competitive gamer but I do enjoy going down fighting and even the occasional victory. I play all types of games as long as it's not sports or anything related.

What else.. Hobbies? MMA, dozen-for-a-dime fantasy/scifi lit, Islay whiskeys and good beers. Very seldomly (~one a month?) I might enjoy a good cigar or a decent bowl 'o pipe tobacco.

Best pony? A tough call between Flutters' and Woona. Twilight is out of the competition ever since s03e13.

Looking forward to chatting with ya!


You a playin' pony? Add me on steam, the icon's just under mah avatar. Luna
Light my spark and see me true
Your midnight oil or ni̶̯̪g̜̬͍̼̙̞͠h̴͔̝̻̝͍t͏̝m̧̩͙͎͇a̳̻̗ŕ̦̠̩ę͕͔̰̩̗̯͚ ̶̟̠̻̦̥fu̮̬e̼l͙͈̻͚͚̼̹͞
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Hi Eurobronies!
My name is IronMetal or short Iron. I am also known as IronM17 (DeviantArt) or Storm Chaser (name of my Ponysona). I am a german brony from a small village near Bonn. I am 25 years old, a student and a big fan of animated movies and shows. My favorite music genres are metal, rock and electronic dance music like trance or dubstep. I would like to start make my own music (mostly MLP-trance), but I need a little bit more practice. I'm also make vectors, drawings or photos.
I am a brony since 2012, when I saw the show on DesertFOX YT channel (thank you DesertFOX Fluttershy grin). The first contact with MLP FiM I had on DeviantArt. I think it was november or december 2011.

I am an long-time member of the both german brony meetups Siegburger Stammtisch in Siegburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, and the Kölner Stammtisch in Cologne.

Galacon 2013 was my first Convention ever and I am very happy, that I was there. I love it to meet other bronies. I also often have the dream to organize my own Brony Event, but I really don't have the money, time and knowledge to do that.

So, I hope we have a lot of fun together. RD wink
Best regards, Iron. ^^

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